Book Beginnings on Friday and Book Blogger Hop: September 8, 2023

Book Beginnings on Fridays is hosted each week by Rose City Reader. It’s a chance to share the first sentence or so of the book you are reading this week. You can check out others’ book beginnings here. I’ll share a quote from the 56 percent mark for the Friday 56 hosted by Freda’s Voice! I’m also going to link up with Carrie at Reading Is My Superpower for First Line Friday.

This week’s book beginning:


A city of magic. A passion born in dreams. A secret that will set their world aflame.

Packed with enemies-to-lovers tension, heart-pounding action and devastating twists, The Nightfire Quartet is an epic fantasy romance that begins with a slow burn and builds in intensity. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Carissa Broadbent.

For years, Zarya has been trapped in a gilded prison. Her magic is forbidden, a dangerous secret—though nobody will explain why. Now she is ready to break free and find the truth.

Escaping to the dazzling city of Dharati, Zarya discovers a new world of enchantment and intrigue. With the help of seductive, blood-drinking rakshasa and magic-weaving Aazheri sorcerers, she searches for answers.

But the city is under siege. Every night, dark creatures attack. And since Zarya’s arrival they are growing stronger. To protect her new home, Zarya joins the fight.

As she battles on the walls and hunts through libraries for clues about her gifts, Zarya’s dreams are haunted by a mysterious stranger. Powerful, arrogant and handsome, Rabin sees through her secrets and ignites a desire she cannot resist. But can he be trusted?

When darkness threatens to overwhelm Dharati, Zarya is faced with a deadly choice. Will revealing her magic save the city? Or destroy everything she loves?

Enter a glittering new world inspired by Indian mythology and prepare to discover your new obsession.

Zarya always hunted the demons at twilight.

Lost in her thoughts, she also couldn’t get her last encounter in the dream forest with Rabin out of her head.

Who was he?

Does what you’ve read here make you want to read more of Heart of Night and Fire? My review will be up soon on the Second Sky blog tour. Keep an eye out and come back to see what I think!

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer. It starts each Friday and runs through the following Thursday. Each week, there’s a new prompt featuring a book-related question. It’s designed to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, make new blogging friends, and gain followers. See what others have to say on this topic and link up your own post here.

Do you agree that libraries should ban books? 
(submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

No, I don’t think public libraries should ban books. Are there books out there I wouldn’t want to read? Yes. Are there books out there I wouldn’t want my kids to read? Absolutely. Is it the library’s job to ensure that they police everyone’s morality by only allowing books on their shelves that align with my values and beliefs? Nope.

The dynamic may be different for school libraries, since a lot of the time kids have free rein of the library while at school, and parents may not have the chance to see a book before their child gloms onto it from the library shelf. I am in favor of age restrictions on who can access a book if the subject matter warrants. I can also envision that there might be some books that a school library determines just don’t belong there (but not because one parent comes in and says, that book offends me, I don’t want my kid to read it, you need to pull it from your shelves). In that case, if a parent feels strongly that their child should be able to read it, go to the public library.

Got a thought? Leave a comment!

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7 Responses to Book Beginnings on Friday and Book Blogger Hop: September 8, 2023

  1. Grabbed me right from the start! Happy weekend!

  2. I always tell parents if they don’t want their children to read certain books, tell them. Don’t get in the way of other families making opposite decisions.

  3. Cindy Davis says:

    I agree, I do not think public libraries should ban books. Happy Friday!

  4. Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog says:

    That sounds like an interesting book.

    With regards to book banning it is an interesting one. I don’t agree with it, but then as someone from the UK I haven’t encountered it. I agree that it should be the individual choice of the family, rather than everyone being subjected to restricted reading.

    Have a great week!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  5. Carla says:

    This one definitely grabbed my attention and it sounds good.

    I don’t believe in book bans. Everyone should get to make their own choices as to what they want to read or if they are children, then with their parent’s assistance. I was a teacher librarian in an elementary school and we had some books that were labeled YA and were only for students in grade 7 or 8. They were for younger YA kids, not some of what I read that is labeled YA. Banning books like we have going on right now, scares me, when do we start throwing authors in prison? Sounds far too familiar to me.

  6. HC says:

    Hey there, I’ve been talking to Freda about taking over (hopefully temporarily) and relaunching the Friday 56. Were I to do so, Would you participate? How much forewarning would you want to prepare for it?

    No obligation (obviously), I’m just checking the temperature of those who participated in the last one.


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