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Young Adult / Christian Fiction / Science Fiction
Publisher: Texas Sisters Press

In the game of chess, there are moves and countermoves. This sci-fi series follows a group of teens with abilities as they go through the U.S. to rescue their siblings. The challenger in this is their sadistic creator, Professor Noah Roth, who has the money and power to win at any cost. This series has been described as “Stranger Things (minus the Mind Flayer portion) meets X-Men.” Don’t miss a single installment of this explosive, action-packed series!
Cover of Out of Time, book by C. J. Peterson
Out Of Time:

With the Maine Facility teens released and the Willow Bend teens safely tucked away, the next phase is to rescue the kids from the Wyoming and Oregon Facilities.

Colby is driving Holly, Blake, and Adam to the Wyoming Facility. Meanwhile, Wyatt is driving Deanna, Eddie, and Freya to the Oregon facility. Both teams are unaware The Professor is waiting for them with plans in place. With both facilities in lockdown, will the teens be able to rescue their siblings? Will Hope pull through from the damage inflicted by Professor Roth? Are the Willow Bend teens, Gemma, Bells, and Hope, safe all the way over in Philadelphia, or are they still a target? Everyone must be ready for this mental chess game. Moves and countermoves are being made. Calculations are continuously changing. Who will come out the victor? Will it be The Professor or the teens? Can the teens succeed, or are they out of time?

Appointed Time (Sands of Time Trilogy, Book 1), 8/20/21, 268 pages.
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Race Against Time (Sands of Time Trilogy, Book 2), 10/1/21, 248 pages.
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Out of Time (Sands of Time Trilogy, Book 3), 1/25/22, 248 pages.
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Out of Time is the third in C. J. Peterson’s Sands of Time trilogy. I read synopses of the first two and jumped right on into this one. What a ride!

Here we see a group of teens with special abilities – superpowers, if you will. They were created by Professor Noah Roth, who raised them with more interest in how their powers could be developed to benefit him than in actually caring for them. It was a hard childhood, and some of the teens, who have been scattered in facilities across the country, have broken free. Now they’re racing against time to free the rest of their siblings. They know the Professor will be coming for them, it’s just a question of whether they can shut him down before he takes them out.

For an additional twist of drama, the woman who adopted and raised two of the children lies comatose in a hospital somewhere in Pennsylvania. They also have to keep her from the Professor’s clutches, and hope that she will wake up and return to them.

Professor Roth is what Professor X would be if he were a bad guy with zero redeeming qualities at all, who was only concerned about what his charges could do for him. The Professor here is a nasty, nasty piece of work. He’s created these children for his own twisted purpose, and nothing will stand in the way of him getting what he wants.

I can imagine what a task it would be traveling cross-country with a vanful of kids. I’ve traveled with my own two, who don’t have superpowers, and we weren’t at risk of losing our freedom or our lives. Peterson ratchets that tension up by several levels as Wyatt, the man heading the charge to save as many of Roth’s creations as possible, and the teens old enough to drive split their group up to go to different facilities. The stakes are high and time is running short. And when they learn that the Professor has an unexpected way of locating them, they realize that time is running out faster than they thought.

Many of the characters are teenagers, and there’s a lot of typical teenage angst, with tempers occasionally flaring and romances breaking out. And there are moments that are both sweet and humorous, as children who have known nothing beyond the walls of their captivity learn about modern technology and conveniences.

The characters in this story talk openly about the Christian faith. For me, that’s a big plus. Some of the characters are strong in their faith, some are struggling, some aren’t quite sure they want to believe in this Jesus they’re hearing about. It’s refreshing to see an author who’s not afraid to point readers to Christ. That makes me want to read not just the rest of this trilogy, but all of Ms. Peterson’s books.

And the resolution of this book, y’all. I cheered. I got a little teary-eyed. I’m not telling you the details of how it winds up – that’s Ms. Peterson’s job, and she does it admirably. But it will be much easier for me to go back and read the first two books now knowing how it all ends!

Out of Time is a fast-paced, tense read that’s hard to put down. The ending is deeply satisfying, and the faith on display is genuine. It’s a five-star read for me.

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C.J. Peterson is a ten-time award-winning, multi-genre published author since 2012. She is also a podcaster, blogger, and publisher who knows how to relate well to folks of all ages. C.J. and her husband currently run a hybrid publishing company, Texas Sisters Press, LLC, which CJ and her sisters founded in 2019.

She has authored multiple series including the Grace Restored Series, the Holy Flame Trilogy, the Divine Legacy Series, the Sands of Time Trilogy, the Adventures of Chief and Sarge, plus her recently released time travel book with a twist, Chain Reaction!

“While the stories are fiction, the journey is real.”

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  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for not only having the Sands of Time Trilogy on your blog, but also the amazing review! It made this author’s heart super happy! 🙂

  2. Fabulous review! And I’m laughing because I would totally do the same thing of going back to earlier books in the series and enjoying them as a less stressful experience because I’d know how it turns out! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I appreciate you so much for including the Sands of Time Trilogy on your blog and for the wonderful review.

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