Book Review: Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by the Elemental Dragons

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table, Book 2
By Sybrina Durant
Children’s Picture Book / STEM / Chemistry
Publisher: Sybrina Publishing
Page Count: 44
Publication Date: March 9, 2024
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In this unique alphabet book, members of the Elemental Dragon Clan present 26 Magical Elements of the Periodic Table in alphabetical order. Each member of the clan has an element tipped tail. They also have magical powers based on the properties of their metals. There are no more perfect groups than unicorns and dragons to familiarize yourself with elements from the Periodic Table. Their theme is: “No Metal — No Magic. . .and No Technology.”
In this book, Antz starts out the book by introducing the very necessary metal, Antimony on his element page. Zora rounds out the alphabet by presenting scientific facts and other fun information about the metal, Zirconium, on her elemental page. In all, readers will get some great insight into the properties of 26 elements from the periodic table. Each page is full of amazing facts and tons of FUN. There’s a Magical Elemental themed periodic table, too!
This unique book will help tweens, teens and anyone else quickly absorb the elements of the Periodic Table.
No Metal,
No Magic…
And No Technology.
It’s Techno-Magical!
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If you’ve got an upper elementary or middle-grade child, you need this book! If they aren’t learning about the periodic table yet, they will be, and this book is the perfect way to grab their interest. This is the second in Sybrina Durant’s enchanting Magical Elements of the Periodic Table series. And this time, there are DRAGONS!

Elements are presented in alphabetical order, with each element shared by a charming, colorful dragon whose tail is tipped with the element it represents. While there are some elements most of us have heard of, like hydrogen, oxygen, and sodium, there are also some that may not be as familiar, like europium and ruthenium.

Durant includes lots of hard science facts laid out in bite-size pieces that are easy to read and understand. She provides facts, atomic structure, uses, how the element is obtained, and a “Did You Know?” section that’s chock-full of interesting tidbits. My favorite part, though, is the magical element she ascribes to the element that tips each dragon’s tail. For instance, Maximo’s molybdenum tail permanently bonds metal to glass. Each special ability is associated with the actual properties and uses of the element. Isn’t that fun?

There’s a lot of useful information at the end of the alphabet, too, including a definitions section and the complete periodic table. There’s also a link to the “No Metal, No Magic” song and links to several other related resources.

Summer is coming up, and this would make a great activity to keep young minds engaged and active while school is out. Highly recommended!

Sybrina Durant is a unicorn author and entrepreneur. In addition to books, she offers unicorn-themed activities, t-shirts, and more. Plus, she has pulled together a collection of nearly all the unicorn books available today from hundreds of authors. They are categorized on her website by Little Kid, Middle Kid, and Teen Unicorn Books
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  1. Great review, and agreed — this is an excellent introduction to the science kids will be required to learn later. And way more fun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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