Cover Reveal: Dance of Stars and Ashes by Nisha J. Tuli

I’m thrilled to share the cover of the latest in Nisha J. Tuli’s Nightfire Quartet, Dance of Stars and Ashes!


A love that burns brighter than starlight. A gift that could leave her world in ashes. It’s time for Zarya to release the fire within.

In the jeweled city of Dharati, Zarya found passion and adventure for the first time. A mysterious stranger named Rabin helped to free the power within her—a dark, ancient magic that should not exist.

Now, Zarya learns Rabin’s true identity. A warrior prince, born to rule, he is as deadly as he is beautiful. He’s also insufferable. Arrogant and superior, with dangerous secrets of his own.

Zarya wants nothing to do with him. Terrifying demons are gathering beyond the walls and Zarya’s friends are rushing to complete a ceremony that will protect the city. Her mind is fixed on saving her home and finding the origin of her magic.

But every discovery and every dream pulls her back to Rabin. Does an enchantment bind them, or is it pure desire? Will opening her heart give Zarya the power to turn back the demons, or will it let the darkness devour her?

Dance of Stars and Ashes is the second book in an addictive series that builds from a slow burn to irresistible steamy romance. Packed with tension, action, and heart-stopping twists, it will keep fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Rebecca Yarros reading late into the night.

My thoughts:


Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s purple – my favorite! This is a cover that I’d pick up the book in the store without even knowing what it’s about. And I know what it’s about, and that makes me that much more excited about it!

If you want to know why I’m so excited about this book, read my review of Heart of Night and Fire, first in the quartet. This one will be out February 16, 2024, and I can’t wait!

Want to pre-order? Go here:

Thanks to Second Sky Books for letting me share the cover!

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  1. sjhigbee says:

    You’re absolutely right about the cover – it’s gorgeous:). Thank you for sharing details about the book and I hope you enjoy it, Lisa.

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