Book Review: Murder on the Med (Dodo Dorchester #7) by Ann Sutton

  • Title: Murder on the Med
  • Author: Ann Sutton
  • Where to buy: Amazon (affiliate link)
  • Genre: Cozy Mystery
  • Would I recommend: Enthusiastically!


An idyllic Greek holiday. A murdered ex-pat. Connect the victim to your tourist party, and you have a problem that only Dodo can solve.

Dodo’s beau, Rupert, is to meet the Dorchesters for the first time on their annual Greek holiday. He arrives in Athens by train and her family accept him immediately. But rather than be able to enjoy private family time, an eclectic group of English tourists attach themselves to the Dorchesters, and insist on touring the Parthenon with them.

Later that night, a body is found in the very area they had visited and when Dodo realizes that it is the woman she saw earlier, near the hotel, staring at someone in their group, she cannot help but get involved. The over-worked and under-staffed local detective is more than happy for her assistance and between them they unveil all the tourists’ dirty secrets.

With help from Rupert and Dodo, can the detective discover the murderer and earn himself a promotion?

My review:

Murder on the Med is an enchanting cozy mystery set in the 1920s. Lady Dorothea (Dodo) Dorchester is on vacation in Greece with her family – her parents and her sister Diantha (Didi). Dodo has nothing more on her mind than hoping the introduction of her sweetheart, Rupert, to the family will go well. But things take a turn when an English woman is found dead at a tourist site that a group, including Dodo and her people, had just visited. How is the dead woman connected to the group? Could one of the group be the killer?

Often an amateur sleuth is an unwelcome presence in cozies. They frequently have to work around the police and are admonished to stay out of the way and let the professionals do their job. Not so in this story! The local detective welcomes Dodo’s help and discusses the case with her regularly. I think that frees Dodo up to do more in terms of open investigating than we usually see in a cozy, and that’s refreshing.

I love the Greek setting. The descriptions and details made me almost feel like I was there, and the period details seemed to be on point. You could tell Ms. Sutton did her research.

The plot kept me guessing, too. Mysteries where I don’t figure out whodunnit early in the story are the best! Ms. Sutton used a couple of red herrings to great effect in concealing the killer’s identity until time for the big reveal.

Dodo herself is a thoroughly likable character. She’s upper class but not the least bit snooty about it. Her maid, Lizzie, met a man she liked in Greece, and it tickled me no end to see Dodo encouraging Lizzie to be happy. She wasn’t worried about whether she’d have to find a new maid. She cared for Lizzie and wanted the best for her. That’s a quality not always portrayed when you’ve got characters who are well to do.

All told, Murder on the Med is an enjoyable read. If you can’t get away for a sun-drenched vacation anytime soon, go to Greece with Dodo. This book is perfect for devouring in one sitting by the pool! It’s my first book by Ann Sutton, but it definitely won’t be my last.

About the author:

Agatha Christie plunged me into the fabulous world of reading when I was 10. I was never the same. I read every one of her books I could lay my hands on. Mysteries remain my favorite genre to this day – so it was only natural that I would eventually write my own.​

Born and raised in England, writing fiction about my homeland keeps me connected.​

After finishing my degree in French and Education and raising my family, writing has become a favorite hobby.

​I hope that Dame Agatha would enjoy Dodo Dorchester at much as I do.

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  1. Cindy Davis says:

    Sounds like an interesting book! Lovely review!

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