Book Review: Shattered Sacrifice (The Shattered Trilogy #0.5)

  • Title: Shattered Sacrifice
  • Author: Emily Huffman
  • Where to buy: Amazon (affiliate link)
  • Genre: Horror, Fantasy
  • Would I recommend: Yes. An excellent introduction to a series I’d now like to read.


Glisenia Tideborn knew two things:

One – She wasn’t dead anymore.
Two – She wouldn’t let anyone hurt her ever again.

After being sacrificed to the Kraken by her family, Glisenia Tideborn never expected to have a future. Given an unexpected second chance, she wants to run far away from the people who sentenced her to death. But the Kraken still demands its sacrifice, and a dark whisper in her mind has different plans for her. Will Glisenia do what the voice asks of her, or is she destined to die again?

My review:

Shattered Sacrifice is a short introduction to Emily Huffman’s Shattered Trilogy, but it packs a LOT of story into not a lot of pages! Here, we’re introduced to Glisenia Tideborn, the girl chosen as a sacrifice to the Kraken. She was nobody special, no gifts, nothing to recommend that she live. She expects to die. But…she doesn’t.

The book opens with Glisenia realizing she’s still alive. As she tries to decide what to do next, she realizes that she’s hearing a voice in her head. This voice is the god of magic, Helm. She’s caught his attention, and he’s got a task in mind for her.

Glisenia is an intriguing character. She has every reason to want revenge on her parents and her community. They wanted her dead. She survived, and now she has a choice. Listen to the voice in her head that claims to be a god seeking her help? Or not? I think Helm considers her an easy mark for doing what he wants, but I’m not so sure she’s going to be his pushover.

This novella gives the reader loads of atmosphere and action in a short space. And now I have questions. Does Glisenia let it all burn? What does Helm want from her? Are her powers from Helm, or has she had them all along, and they were somehow overlooked by those who wanted to sacrifice her? This bite-sized book is a perfect introduction/teaser for the larger trilogy, and I’ve got to read the trilogy now.

Thanks to the author for a review copy. All opinions are mine, and I don’t say nice things about books I don’t actually like.

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