Top Ten Tuesday: Book Covers with Eye-Catching Typography

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Today’s theme is books with typography that steals the show, submitted by Mareli @ Elza Reads. The books I’ve chosen have covers where the words catch my eye for some reason. I’ll tell you, some of these have been on my Goodreads “want to read” list for a LONG time. Maybe I should go back and pick some of them up!

Without further ado, my top ten….

The Traitor’s Mark – That calligraphy grabbed my eye! And a mystery based on an actual, historical unsolved crime? Heck yes! Why has this one languished on my TBR list for so long?

How to Catch a Russian Spy – The slant and boldness of the font catches the eye. The description, “the one-of-a-kind story of how one young man’s post-college adventure became a real-life US counter-intelligence coup,” makes me want to read it right now.

Molly Pepper & the Night Train – The curves in the font almost make it look like smoke from a train, don’t you think? The story sounds like a fun middle-grade read.

Confections of a Closet Master Baker – First, I love the word play of confections/confessions. And the title is designed to look like words on a cake! That’s fabulous! I need to pull this one out of the stack and get to reading.

Ready Player One – I mean, how could you not notice that font? The color, the size, it’s eye-popping. The book was fabulous, the movie an homage to those of us who were gamer kids in the 80s. I loved both.

Yonder – The graceful curves of the “Y” in the title beckon you to pick up the book. And with the subtitle “A Southern Haunting,” I suspect I’ll gladly jump in and stay awhile.

The Starless Sea – White on black, like stars in the sky. The keys and ribbons remind me of planets and the swirls of galaxies in the heavens. Stunning. The book was magnificent, too.

Every Little Thing – This book is about how even what seems like a little thing can make a big difference. The black script stands out against the yellow stars that call to mind all the little things we might use as our excuse not to do something to make a change, right where we are.

The Bellbottom Incident – That font, those arcs, those attention-getting colors. How could I not notice this one? And when you read the book description, it talks about “time-traveling crime-stoppers.” Get off my TBR pile and onto my Kindle right now!

The City We Became – The book is about the soul of New York City and the people who protect it. What better way to display the title than on the underside of what appears to be one of New York’s iconic bridges? I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and not just for the cover. But the cover caught my eye and tempted me to pick it up.

Are there any books whose typography you particularly admire? Share in a comment!

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10 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Book Covers with Eye-Catching Typography

  1. Lydia says:

    Molly Pepper & the Night Train sure looks like a good read.

    My post:

  2. Cindy Davis says:

    Nice selections! Have a great week 🙂

  3. Great list and picks of typographic covers. I haven’t read any of these titles, but these covers are gorgeous and totally caught my eyes. Here is my TTT:
    Have a great week 😊

  4. I really loved The Starless Sea! I have a few different editions of it.

  5. Nice list. I’ve only read Starless Sea, but The City We Became is on my tbr. Confections of a Closet Master Baker sounds good. This week was challenging.

  6. I can see why these all catch your eye. All of them stand out. The THE CITY WE BECAME cover is especially distinctive and memorable. Great picks!

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


  7. Erin’s book has a pretty color palette. So much class with those gold and silver tones. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting my website this week.

  8. Greg says:

    Love that cover for The Traitor’s Mark.

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