Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my TBR That I Predict Will Be 5-Star Reads

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This week’s topic is a TTT Rewind. I went back through the last thirteen years of TTT topics and selected one I haven’t done before.

Today I’m talking about books on my TBR that I expect I will big puffy heart love.

The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie by Rachel Linden – Magical realism and the ability to relive past days and pie?! Yes, please.

At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities by Heather Webber – I’ve loved everything I’ve read by her. This is another full of magical realism, set in a Southern small town. I have no doubt it will be fantastic.

The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz – A fully autonomous robot whose creator has died and a drifting human who doesn’t realize that a robot might need her help. Sounds like a sci-fi I’m going to love.

Drinks and Sinkholes by S. Usher Evans – Cozy fantasy by one of my most favorite authors? What’s not to love?!

The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan – Historical fiction that explores the conflict of young love across class divides and the conflict many felt over the harnessing of Niagara Falls for power generation. It sounds like a good read!

The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok – This sounds like a memoir of love and loss and the connections that stay between mother and daughter. I expect it might make me cry.

Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill – A dystopian future, humankind is gone, and one AI is resisting the mainframe brain that now controls the world. I’m in!

The Night-Bird’s Feather by Jenna Katerin Moran – Slavic-inspired fantasy is something I haven’t read much of. A young woman dreams the future and the past, and in her dreams, she finds hope that she may yet defeat the lord of death when their battle comes.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin – I’ve heard so many good things about this one, I don’t see how I can help but love it.

Murder at the Menger by Kathleen Kaska – A historical mystery, set in Texas, with hints of the paranormal? How can that not be a five-star read? I can’t wait!

What books on your TBR do you think will be five-star reads for you? Are any of these on your list? Have you read any of these and loved them? Share in a comment!

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14 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my TBR That I Predict Will Be 5-Star Reads

  1. Magical realism in the South? Color me interested!

  2. Lydia says:

    The Cybernetic Tea Shop was amazing. I hope you love it!

    My post:

  3. Astilbe says:

    Sea of Rust sounds really good.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  4. I haven’t read any of these, so I can’t confirm 5 stars, but I hope they are for you.

  5. Gypsi says:

    I’ve not read any of these, but several sound intriguing!

  6. Cindy Davis says:

    I have not read any of these but hope your predictions come true when you read them. Great topic choice!

  7. I hope these are all 5 stars for you! I’ve only heard of one of these, but I was in the very small minority of people who didn’t like it, so I think you’re most likely going to enjoy it. Have a great week!

  8. Jo says:

    I hope you enjoy all of these as much as you expect to!
    My TTT:

  9. I chose the same topic this week! I hope you love all these.

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