Word of the Week: December 18, 2023

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Ah, life. I’ve been pretty busy on the proofreading front, and blogging has sometimes gotten the short end of the stick. But I’m getting back in the swing of the memes now!

This week’s word is less about the word and more about its association with Christmas, just because I thought it was interesting.

Y’all might know, at least, that amaryllis is a pretty flower, even if you didn’t know all the botanical specifics. But did you know that it’s connected to Christmas? According to Gardening Know How, “Joseph was chosen to become the Virgin Mary’s husband after his staff sprouted amaryllis blooms.” So the legend goes, anyway. I’d never heard that before, so I thought I’d share with y’all!

Do you know of any interesting legends relating to Christmas? Share in a comment!

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