Word of the Week: July 10, 2023

Word of the Week: a bookish meme hosted here on Mondays in which we share a word that we find entertaining, enlightening, edifying, or just plain fun to say! Share your own word on your blog, then help me grow the meme and come share it here on mine!

With election season upon us here in Louisiana, this word could prove useful, depending on how much political smack someone wants to talk!

According to Merriam-Webster, the word comes from “an attack on James K. Polk in 1844 purporting to quote from an invented book by a Baron von Roorback.” The Baron was a fictional character, used by the Whig opponents of Democratic presidential candidate Polk to allege that Polk branded his slaves. The fictional character’s name is now part of our vocabulary and can be used to refer to any untruth said for the purpose of taking political advantage. Nobody would do that in this day and age, would they? Perish the thought!

Let’s hope none of us have occasion to use this little gem!

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