Word of the Week: May 8, 2023

Word of the Week: a bookish meme hosted here on Mondays in which we share a word that we find entertaining, enlightening, edifying, or just plain fun to say! Share your own word on your blog, then help me grow the meme and come share it here on mine!

This week’s word very much applies to me!

I always have a book with me! When I was young, I remember going out to Sunday dinner after church. We were friends with the restaurant owner at a place we frequented regularly. Every time he’d see me, he’d ask me, “How’s my little girl? Where’s your book?” He knew I’d always have one with me! And in this day and age, with a Kindle and the Kindle app on my phone, there is almost nowhere I go that I don’t have a book close to hand in some form.

What about you? Are you book-bosomed, too? (If I were artistic, that could make for a pretty entertaining visual image!)

Share your word in the linky. Help me grow the meme, and maybe we’ll all learn a new word or two!

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