Book Beginnings on Friday and Book Blogger Hop – March 11, 2022

Happy Friday! Who’s ready for the weekend?

Book Beginnings on Fridays is hosted each week by Rose City Reader. It’s a chance to share the first sentence or so of the book you are reading this week. You can check out others’ book beginnings here.

My book beginning:

I’ve just started Peril at Pennington Manor, the second in Tracy Gardner’s Avery Ayers Antique Mysteries.

Here’s how it opens:

“Race you home.”

Avery Ayers raised one eyebrow at her dad jogging beside her. She brushed the strands of long brown hair off her face toward her high ponytail. “You’ll lose.”

Do you want to keep reading?

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer. It starts each Friday and runs through the following Thursday. Each week, there’s a new prompt featuring a book-related question. It’s designed to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, make new blogging friends, and gain followers. See what others have to say on this topic and link up your own post here.

Hmm. One obvious bookish pet peeve is not enough hours in the day to read! Another is when I get sucked into a series and the next book takes an unreasonable amount of time to come out, or just never gets released (looking at you, George R.R. Martin and Melanie Rawn). I know, authors have lives, things happen, and sometimes a series just can’t get wrapped up like we readers wish it could. But man, I hate being left hanging!

What about you? Any bookish things that damage your calm? Share in a comment, and hop on over to Coffee Addicted Writer’s blog to see what others have to say!

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15 Responses to Book Beginnings on Friday and Book Blogger Hop – March 11, 2022

  1. Unfinished series are probably my biggest bookish hate as well. I hadn’t even thought of it when I did my bookblogger hop but I do totally agree. Patrick Rothfuss and David Forbes are two authors I would add to your two.

  2. I never thought of that bookish peeve, but it is annoying the length of time between books!

  3. I may need to read a bit more, BUT the cover is too cute!
    Mine is in French this time. With free copies available, and credits to earn an egift card:

  4. Sounds like a good one! Thanks for sharing, and here’s mine: “THE PARIS APARTMENT”

  5. Cindy Davis says:

    I like the cover and it sounds interesting. I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading! Here’s my post:

  6. My bookish pet peeve is when I feel like I’m the only one that knows about a book and no one seems to be interested in it.

  7. I’d definitely keep reading because I want to know what’s at stake!

    I have so many bookish peeves I wouldn’t know where to start! How about: second person narration, too many similar character names, magic realism thrown in a realistic story, shifting verb tenses . . . . off the top of my head.

    • Oh, shifting verb tenses is a big peeve. I once read a book that went back and forth between past and present without there being any dual-timeline element to it. Very distracting. It was a fascinating story, but I nearly gave up on it because of the verbs.

  8. Harvee says:

    I’d read more to find out if the book catches my interest. Hope you enjoy it.

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