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Series: A Spy Shop Mystery
Publisher: Written Pursuits Press
Pages: 364 pages
Pub Date: March 13th, 2021
Categories: Women Sleuths / Cozy Mystery / Private Investigator / Humor

Rodent Roger, a popular Galveston Island exterminator, goes missing the day after he tells private investigator and spy shop owner Xena Cali about a concerning uptick in green iguana sightings on the island. They’re crapping in people’s boats and falling from trees. Are the lizards swimming over from Florida to escape the pythons, or is it something more nefarious? Can Xena help untangle the mess before the raucous reptiles take over Galveston?

Ultima Penelope Roger is a best-selling writer of romance novels. The Lizard Liquidators have set up shop on Galveston Island. Herpetologist Quintana Flores, PhD, works on a bizarre cruise ship that sails out of the Port of Galveston. Sasha Barlow is a driven junior reporter who’ll do anything to get the story. Ned “The Pelican Man” Quinn writes a column about bird necropsies. Captain Ethan Slaughter is the head of the Major Crimes team at the Galveston Police Department. Xena and her team will have to partner with and/or battle this cast of characters and others to solve what becomes a disturbing murder investigation.

Stiff Lizard is the third full-length book in the Spy Shop Mystery series. If you like fast-paced crime novels, clever satire, and gritty beach towns, then you’ll love Lisa Haneberg’s humorous and contemporary cozy caper.



“Lisa Haneberg has a wicked sense of humor. She can also write a fast-moving, totally original mystery.” — Alan Rinzler

Lisa Haneberg’s newest entry in the Spy Shop Mystery Series lives up to its predecessors. A good number of laughs, lots of intrigue, a bit of titillation, lots of interesting information, and lots of mystery make for a good read.” – Verified
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When a book starts off with the main character letting herself be tased to help train older folks in self-defense, you know it’s going to be quite a ride. Stiff Lizard didn’t disappoint. I absolutely loved it! Xena Cali is a private investigator and spy shop owner. Rodent Roger (yes, his actual name) is the island’s top exterminator, and he’s concerned about a sudden rash of green iguanas, especially when he’s seeing flyers for Lizard Liquidators. Is someone moving in on Rodent’s territory, or is there a more sinister motive? Before Xena can answer that question, Rodent goes missing. His wife, Ultima Penelope Roger, hires Xena to find him.
There’s a fun secondary story line that has Dora, one of Xena’s employees, going way undercover to investigate a cruise singer. The cruise is most definitely NOT your typical Carnival Cruise, and Dora’s reports are absolutely hilarious. I think she’s my favorite character. I’m probably pretty close to her in age and mindset, and I expect my insights on an “adventurous” cruise would be similar to hers. I’d read more of the series just for Dora.
Stiff Lizard has something for everyone: a strong female protagonist who does some crazy parkour and who’s really trying to figure out how to people better (I can relate, Xena – to the peopling, not the parkour); a fascinating cast of characters; a good mystery; and lots and lots of offbeat humor. It’s the third in a series. I didn’t have any problem following the storyline, but now I have to read the first two.
Stiff Lizard may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure was my shot of whiskey! Five stars for Ms. Haneberg, and Xena Cali is now on my must-read list.

Lisa Haneberg loves to explore Galveston Island’s gritty back streets, stellar seafood joints, magnificent natural areas, and all points in between. In addition to the Spy Shop Mysteries, she’s a blogger and has authored over a dozen nonfiction books. She earned an MFA degree from Goddard College and a BS in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Maryland.

Before writing crime fiction, she was a seasoned human resources professional with a strange attraction to gnarly internal investigations. She lives with her husband and dog in Lexington, Kentucky. Lisa once owned a home on Galveston Island and is a frequent visitor.


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  1. Ha! Love that it’s a shot of whiskey book, not a cup of tea book. Sounds RIGHT up my alley. I look forward to reading the book. Thanks for the post!

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