Cover Reveal: The Rush’s Echo by Ginger Smith

I enjoyed The Rush’s Edge, Ginger Smith’s first book (y’all can read my review here). And I am ridiculously excited that now she’s returning to that universe in The Rush’s Echo.

And today, I’m tickled to be taking part in the cover reveal! Check out the awesome cover, read the synopsis, and then go pre-order. And get the first book while you’re at it.

On sale at Amazon: January 10, 2023.

Price: $16.99 paperback/$6.99 Kindle

Preorder link (affiliate link):

Pages: 484

ISBN: 979-8-218-10032-2 (print)


In this sequel to The Rush’s Edge, Halvor Cullen and the crew of the Loshad return from a lukewarm meeting with the Mudar to an Edge on the verge of war. A vat operative has used every genetically engineered talent and programmed skill she has to infiltrate the heart of the Opposition forces and disrupt their resistance to the Coalition.

In a desperate attempt to stop their enemies, Vivi must confront the specter of her past as the crew petitions the shadowy hacker group Echo to succeed. When the mission goes awry, and they are forced to leave a crewmember behind, the team wonders if their victory against the Coalition will come at all, and if so, at what cost?

Praise for The Rush’s Edge, the first book in the series:

“The unlikely bonds linking crewmembers and the thoughtful exploration of the morality of genetic engineering are sure to draw readers into this well-crafted space opera.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Vivid characters, fine action sequences, and thoughtful exploration of prejudices are blended with authority in Smith’s debut.”
– Booklist

About the author:

Ginger Smith, author of’s Editor’s Pick The Rush’s Edge, became interested in science fiction when reading her father’s collection of 1960s and 70s paperbacks as a child. Her book The Rush’s Edge was chosen to be published during Angry Robot’s Open Submission period in 2019.  She holds a master’s degree in English from Troy University and has been a high school English teacher for over 20 years. The Rush’s Echo is the self-published sequel to The Rush’s Edge.

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