NYC Midnight 250-word Microfiction 2022 First Round Results

And the results are in….

In this challenge, participants are given a genre, an action that has to be involved in the story, and a word that has to be included. Then we have 24 hours to write a 250-word story.

I did not make the top ten, so I won’t be moving on to the second round. But I was one of five honorable mentions. In four competitions, this is my best finish, and I am ridiculously excited about it! The winners in my group wrote marvelous stories, and I wish them the best of luck in the second round.

I’ll share my little story here, should anyone be interested in reading it.

Group: 91
Genre: Fairy Tale and/or Fantasy
Action: Hugging
Word: Image

Title: Love Me Tender, Love Me Fae

She, taken because she was thought too beautiful to die.

He, because of his glorious singing voice, worthy of eternity.

This is the anniversary of their taking. They emerge in a forest clearing, walk on a gravel path. The merry skirl of bagpipes and the high notes of a recorder grow louder as they walk toward the stone gates. Her rich emerald green gown contrasts with his simple linen tunic and breeches. He carries a lute slung across his back.

Suddenly, a shriek. Their presence had been noted. 

“It’s him!” “Oh, she looks marvelous!” “So realistic!”

And finally, “Will you sing for us?”

They take the stage. Modern songs set as madrigals, rondos, and ballades. Words and melodies familiar to so many, yet it seems fewer sing along each year. Still, they sing. Solo, duet, with lute accompaniment or a capella. The music has a magic all its own.

Too soon, the sun journeys toward the horizon, and a stronger magic compels them. They smile sadly and tell the adoring crowds they must go, hugging the fans as they leave, wishing a hug was enough to keep them there.

“Thank you. Thank you very much,” he says as they draw away until next year, leaving the faire goers with the image of professional impersonators burned brightly into their minds. They would never know that Elvis and Marilyn yet live, under the hill, forever and a day.

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