Short Story Sunday

I’m trying something new. I have no idea if it will be a regular thing or a once in a while thing or a one-off. I’m borrowing an idea from Sarah Addison Allen, writing a short story about a photo. Her stories are much better than mine, but I thought this might be fun. (Note: If I consider myself any kind of writer, I’m definitely a novice. Be kind.)

THWAP! “There,” Helen said smugly. “That takes care of that pesky fly.” She was in a rush to get to work on time, and thought to herself that she’d wipe that smear off the wall later. It wasn’t like it was going anywhere.

The smear caught her eye again as she finished up her evening routine. “Eh, it’ll wait until tomorrow,” she said as she turned out the light and stumbled into bed.

When morning came, Helen awoke to a low humming sound. She was greeted by a mass of small, buzzing flies covering her bathroom wall, forming a circle around the smear. They’d come to mourn their fallen comrade.

“It’s going to be a devil of a time clearing these out,” she sighed. “If only I’d taken time to clean sooner.”

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