Squirrel! Saturday – Books Outside My Niche

Hooray! An American Elf is starting a new bookish meme, Squirrel! Saturday. Here’s where we can talk about books outside our normal reading habits that catch our attention. Wait a minute. If I’m already a book magpie and grab whatever shiny thing catches my eye, do I even have a niche that I can wander outside of?

Whatever. Here we go!

Not That Duke – Eloisa James

I’ve finally decided I’m a romance reader, but I’ve never read any Regency romances. Not sure why, they just haven’t been on my radar. But this one caught my eye enough to make my TBR list. So maybe you’ll see a review in the future!

Seriously, y’all go see An American Elf. Read her reviews. Play along with the meme!

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3 Responses to Squirrel! Saturday – Books Outside My Niche

  1. Kimber Li says:

    Thanks, Lisa! I’m not into Regency either with a few rare exceptions, like the one I’m reviewing on Monday. It has dragons!

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