Word of the Week: January 15, 2024

Word of the Week: a bookish meme hosted here on Mondays in which we share a word that we find entertaining, enlightening, edifying, or just plain fun to say! Share your own word on your blog, then help me grow the meme and come share it here on mine!

This week’s word is one I came across on Haggard Hawks. I realized it was one I’d seen in one of my proofreading projects, and I hadn’t known exactly what it meant. Yea verily, it was a word I had no recollection of seeing before. So I figured it would be a good Word of the Week!

Haggard Hawks gives a more complete history of the word patagium on their blog. It’s a Latin word used to describe decorative trim on women’s tunics. You know how tunic sleeves form a sort of flap between the arm and the body because of how they’re made? The thought is that when scientists needed a word to describe those flaps of skin that make up bats’ wings, they figured patagium was a good one to use. So it became part of the English language. I did not know that!

Had you heard this word before reading my post today? I’m not sure it’s one I’ll ever use in conversation unless I have a need to get real detailed in discussing flying mammals, but still, it’s fun to know!

Got a word? Share it below! Then share the meme to help it grow.

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