Book Excerpt: Gypsy for God by Yvonne M. Morgan

I’m excited to be part of the WOW! Women on Writing book tour for Gypsy for God by Yvonne M. Morgan! Today I’ll be featuring an excerpt from the book. Keep scrolling to read it!

Book: Gypsy for God

Author: Yvonne M. Morgan

Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing

Pub Day: June 10, 2023

Buy Link(s): Amazon


Kathleen is a middle-aged woman who loses her job, which leaves her doubting herself and fearing the future. This event sends her on a journey to find purpose and meaning in her life. She flourishes in a new career as a travel agent, but fear and doubt keep her from experiencing all life has to offer. Finally, an unexpected encounter changes everything as God begins to reveal His plans to Kathleen. Each new country she visits brings her closer to finding her real purpose. This story offers hope for readers seeking meaning in their lives regardless of their situation or age.


This was the worst Friday of my career. A beep from the computer reminded me of the meeting that marked the end of life as I knew it. My heart thumped wildly in my chest. A sense of dread enveloped me. The door to the conference room stood open. A cacophony arose from those inside. I sighed, then sucked in a long breath and strode inside with my head down.

Colorful streamers and banners decorated the walls while balloon bouquets adorned eight tables. I wanted to hide from my friends and coworkers and walked like someone going to the gallows as I made my way to the center of the room.

Smiles and laughter erupted around me. Friends smiled at me, but numbness kept me from responding. On a side table sat a giant cake covered with colorful icing flowers and the words “Happy Retirement, Kathleen” in bright red icing. My heart ached even more.

The one bright spot came as I realized that these fifty people came to wish me well in the next chapter of my life. But then a rising fear overtook me, and panic made me think about escaping to the nearest exit. Will I ever feel useful again? Because right now, I feel like a failure. I disguised my feelings by pretending to smile back at friends and coworkers.

What does God have planned for my future? Yup, Kathleen Johnson, put out to pasture after almost thirty years of faithful service at Smith Accounting, Inc. Discarded like an old rag. My face flushed and my throat tightened at the injustice of the situation.

I had planned to work until at least sixty-five, not fifty. But everything changed a few months ago. After years of climbing my way up the corporate ladder, I discovered the company placed more importance on saving money than remaining loyal to their long-term employees.

From Gypsy for God by Yvonne M. Morgan, ©2023

So what do you think of the excerpt? Does this sound like a book you’d enjoy? Stop back next Friday to see my full review!

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