Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love a New Book From

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This week’s TTT: Authors I’d Love a New Book From (These could be authors that have passed away, who have retired from writing, who have inexplicably gone quiet, or who might jut not be able to keep up with how quickly you read their books!)

In no particular order, here are my ten:

  1. Anne McCaffrey – The author who drew me in to the wonderful world of fantasy. I can’t even tell you how many times I reread her Dragonriders of Pern series. I wore those books slap out.
  2. Melanie Rawn – Specifically, I want book three in the Exiles series. It’s been decades. I fear it will never come.
  3. Terry Pratchett – He was an absolute genius. Good Omens will forever be one of my favorites, and the Discworld series is unmatched. You gotta love books you can read by yourself in a public place and unashamedly snort-laugh at because they are so funny and so satirical and so absolutely on point.
  4. Grant Price – His Sundown series is some of the best dystopian fiction I’ve read in a while. Very compelling, and I hope there’s more to come!
  5. Manning Wolfe – She can write a cracking good legal thriller! Her Proxy series is one I’ve devoured so far, and I sure hope she’s got more of it to write.
  6. S. Usher Evans – I can’t think of any of her books that I haven’t loved. Space opera, urban fantasy, romantic fantasy, YA fantasy, cozy fantasy, cozy paranormal mystery – she’s got it all. I love her current Weary Dragon Inn series, and I’m waiting eagerly for more of her latest, Witch’s Cove. But I really hope she gets to go back and finish Seod Croi. I gotta know what happens!
  7. Teri M. Brown – If you love historical fiction, you need to get acquainted with Teri M. Brown. From one of my reviews: “If you want a historical fiction read that is thoroughly researched, that will draw you right into the time and place the author writes about and make you feel like you are THERE, you need to read Teri M. Brown’s books.” I can’t say enough good things about her books, and I would be thrilled to have more of them.
  8. Olivia Matthews – I’d love more of her Spice Isle Bakery series. Alas, it’s my understanding the publisher has elected not to continue with it. It’s a wonderful series, and it’s got recipes that sound positively droolworthy.
  9. Ellery Adams – I want more in the Secret, Book, and Scone Society series! It is one of the most amazing mystery series I’ve ever read.
  10. Charlie N. Holmberg – I can’t wait to read more in her Whimbrel House series! And thankfully, it’s just a matter of waiting. The third one is out (yay!), and the fourth one is in the works. If y’all haven’t read this series, you really should. I love a good sentient house story with a little magic and mystery and romance!
  11. Bonus: Audrey Grey – Her Kingdom of Runes series is phenomenal. I was anxiously awaiting book 5, Dark Bringer – the finale. The anticipated 2021 release was delayed, and the last word I know of was that there was an anticipated 2023 publication date. (It wasn’t published in 2023.) She’s a person. She has life and struggles just like the rest of us, and those things may keep her from writing and publishing as she’d hoped. But oh, how I would love to get my hands on this fifth book. The series is I hope she can finish it. I don’t want Kingdom of Runes to join Exiles (see above) and A Song of Ice and Fire (looking at you, George R.R. Martin) on the pile of Sadly Never Will Be Finished series.
  12. Bonus 2: Alan Hurst – Ever heard of him? He wrote a positively stunning African fantasy called The Onyx Crown. It was billed as part one of a trilogy. It was published in 2019. The audiobook came out in December 2020, and book two, The Onyx Inferno, was “soon to follow.” And since then? Crickets. I want to know the rest of the story! His website no longer exists, which probably doesn’t bode well. Sigh.

And since I missed last week’s TTT about bookish quotes, I’ll share this one because I love it.

“A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe.”

― Madeleine L’Engle
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9 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love a New Book From

  1. Lydia says:

    Someone else this week mentioned that the people taking care of Terry Pratchett’s estate have found a book he wrote but didn’t have the chance to publish. So you might be in luck there if they do decide to release it!

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

  2. Aww! Thank you for including me!

  3. Cindy Davis says:

    You have great reasons for all your authors 🙂 I was lazy, LOL! Have a good week!

  4. I am such a big fan of Terry Pratchett but I have so many of his books left to go. I loved the ones I’ve read.

  5. A great looking list. I will have to look some of these up!

    A lovely quote at the end too.

    Have a great week!

  6. What a great list! I didn’t even think of any of these authors, but they are all wonderful ❤️

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