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Kelly Irvin

Genre: Romantic Suspense / Christian Fiction

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Date of Publication: February 8, 2022

Number of Pages: 384 pages

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When her best friend is murdered the same way her brother was, who can she possibly trust?

A decade ago, Delaney Broward discovered her brother’s murdered body at the San Antonio art co-op he founded with friends. Her artist boyfriend, Hunter Nash, went to prison for the murder, despite his not-guilty plea.

This morning, Hunter walks out of prison a free man, having served his sentence.

This afternoon, Delaney finds her best friend dead, murdered in the same fashion as her brother.

Stay out of it or you’re next, the killer warns.

Hunter never stopped loving Delaney, though he can’t blame her for not forgiving her. He knows he’ll get his life back one day at a time, one step at a time. But he’s blindsided to realize he’s a murder suspect. Again.

When Hunter shows up on her doorstep, asking her to help him find the real killer, Delaney’s head says to run away, yet her heart tells her there’s more to his story than what came out in the trial. An uneasy truce leads to their probe into a dark past that shatters Delaney’s image of her brother. She can’t stop and neither can Hunter—which lands them both in the crosshairs of a murderer growing more desperate by the day (hour?).

In this gripping romantic suspense, Kelly Irvin plumbs the complexity of broken trust in the people we love—and in God—and whether either can be mended.


“Irvin follows the characters through twists and turns, writing through the lens of faith and broken faith, while illuminating a bridge across shattered relationships to second chances. This one’s an emotional roller-coaster.” — Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency in Publishers Weekly Review

“Trust Me is an apt title for Irvin’s new suspense novel. Kelly Irvin is a master at spinning a complex story web with surprising twists and relatable characters. Highly recommended!” —Colleen Coble, USA TODAY bestselling author of A Stranger’s Game and the Pelican Harbor series

“I found I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough in Kelly Irvin’s latest novel, Trust Me. I promised myself just one more page and I’d stop reading for the night…just one more…just one more. At times I could barely breathe. What a fabulous story! I loved it!” –Carrie Stuart Parks, award-winning author of the Gwen Marcey series


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Kelly Irvin has a real winner in Trust Me. I will say up front that it is Christian fiction, and her characters talk about and struggle with their faith openly. It’s an integral part of the story. If that isn’t your jam, then this may not be the right read for you (good romantic thriller though it is!).

Now, if you enjoy a story that includes faith and the ups and downs of living it out, read on! It’s set in San Antonio, and while I’m a Louisiana girl, I lived in Texas for a bunch of years. It will always have a piece of my heart, and I love stories that are set there.

Delaney Broward lived through the trauma of discovering her brother Corey dead in his art studio ten years ago. Her boyfriend,  Hunter Nash, went to prison for the crime. So imagine her shock when she not only finds her best friend, Ellie Hill, brutally slain (and gets herself attacked in the process), but learns that Hunter has been released from prison that same day. Hunter is quickly bumped up to the top of the suspect list for Ellie’s murder, and Delaney doesn’t know what to think.

Delaney lost her faith in God when Corey was killed and Hunter was convicted of the murder. Hunter found his faith in God within the prison walls, and through the assistance of the prison chaplain, he’s found himself a job now that he’s out. He’s trying to convince Delaney that he’s innocent of Corey’s murder, both to clear himself and to restore her faith. She reluctantly agrees to work with him, and they go poking under some serious rocks and digging in some dark corners to uncover the truth, putting themselves in danger in the process.

Irvin writes believable characters. Hunter is intent on clearing himself, as you would expect an innocent man to be. Delaney is hesitant to open herself up to hurt, to letting the man she loved and lost back into her heart. Hunter’s mother is an absolute jewel and responds to him the way I’d hope I would if it were one of my boys in a similar situation. His siblings are realistic, some good, some annoying as all get out. You can tell a lot of thought went into each character’s personality and characteristics to make sure they fit their role in the story.

It’s a well-paced story, too. The suspense builds and moves along at a good pace, without any bits that drag. It kept me guessing, too. I’d think I’d figured out the killer, and then something would happen that I didn’t see coming, and I was back to square one. Then the big reveal had my jaw on the floor. It was stunning to me, and I love stories that can surprise me at the end!

The only thing that rubbed me wrong just a bit was the fact that Delaney let Hunter stay anywhere near her when he showed up unexpectedly at her house. I’m reasonably confident that, in that situation, I would have been all, oh, HAIL, no, and I am on the phone to 911 just as fast as I can be. Or maybe not. I’ve never been in that situation, after all, still attracted to the man convicted of killing my brother, and said man is swearing he didn’t. I worked my way past it and enjoyed the book all the same!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read, and the title is apt. The story focuses heavily on trust lost, and the process of rebuilding that trust. There’s tension, and action, and danger, and romance, and humor, all of which combine to make this a five-star read for me.

This is Irvin’s first Christian thriller, and I hope she writes more in this genre. I am here to read all of them! Scroll down and enter the giveaway, and you can WIN an autographed paperback copy!

Bestseller Kelly Irvin is the author of almost 30 books and novellas, in romantic suspense and Amish romance genres. The two-time ACFW Carol Award finalist worked as a newspaper reporter for six years on the Texas-Mexico border. Those experiences fuel her romantic suspense novels set in Texas. A retired public relations professional, Kelly now writes fiction full-time. She lives with her husband professional photographer Tim Irvin in San Antonio. They have two children, three grandchildren, and two ornery cats.






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  1. Great review! (HAIL no! hahaha!) I look forward to reading this one — and you might want to check out her other Christian thrillers! I think this is her 3rd. (I read [with my ears] Her Every Move and LOVED it!)

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